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Cave Tile Bases
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Cave Tile Bases

These tiles are part of our Cave Tile System. Check out the video.

For maximum visual impact utilize our gridded hex triangles for a self contained terrain system where no battle mat is required. The triangle bases also allow for hills, ridges, ravines, trenches, ditches, chasms, multi-level layouts and pits/shafts, etc.

F_TriFlat_IC Cave Triangle base

This tile is the "floor" upon which you can stack Ridges, Walls and Stalagmites.

There is one variation of this tile.


F_TriFlatDebris_IC Cave Triangle base (with rock debris)

This tile is a variation of the basic "floor". It should only be used for representing open areas as it has small rock detail that could interfere with Ridges, Walls, Stalagmites, etc. on the surface.

There is one variation of this tile.


F_TriWithHole_SS Cave Triangle base (with hole)

This tile is both a base upon which you can stack Ridges, Walls and Stalagmites, but it also features a hole in the floor to indicate a pit, shaft or access to lower levels.

There is one variation of this tile.


F_Cave_Kit2_Bases Cave Kit #2 - Bases

This kit contains 8 standard triangle bases and 2 bases (with hole).

You can stack Ridges, Walls, and Stalagmites on bases.



If you already have a 1" hex grid battle mat, you wont need the triangle bases. You can instead focus on purchasing edges or ridges.

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